Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism lies at the heart of the vision and mission of Zalala Beach Lodge.

The Lodge is located in one of the most resource-starved regions of Mozambique – a country that has only recently emerged from the ravages of a 16-year long civil war following independence in 1975. Tourism in the province is still in its infancy. Our vision is to raise it to international standards and to serve as a springboard for additional investment aimed at developing the great tourist potential of the province, which is rich in natural beauty and cultural attractions.

The founders and current Directors of the Lodge have been driven and guided every step of the way by the desire to bring new hope and opportunity to the local region and its inhabitants.

First and foremost, this means recruiting locally and sourcing locally. The majority of our staff have been recruited from one of the two local communities. Shaky at first, they have advanced in leaps and bounds and the friendly and helpful service they provide invariably gives rise to praise and appreciation on the part of Lodge guests.

Fish and sea food, including tiger prawns, grouper fish, clams and other local specialities are purchased from the local fishermen and served daily at the Lodge restaurant. Local dance groups perform their traditional dances on special occasions and upon request. Locally made crafts are on display and much of the Lodge furniture has been made by local carpenters using locally available wood. All staff uniforms have been sewn by local tailors using colourful ‘capulanas’ bought locally.

Guest activities, including kayaking and trips in the local dugout canoes to nearby beaches and islands are accompanied by trained local guides, providing additional income-earning opportunities for local people.

The arrival of Zalala Beach Lodge in the area has also brought significant improvements in infrastructure (road and electricity), as well as a a range of health and welfare benefits, such as access to clean water from the Zalala well, training and support for savings and credits groups, school materials, a football ground and equipment for local teams, amongst others.

If you would like to read more about our work with communities, please refer to the additional information provided in the other pages of this site, where you can also read about volunteering opportunities available at the Lodge. For more general information about Responsible Tourism, refer to the website of the International Centre for Responsible Tourism.

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