New School and Water Supply for Supinho Village

July 31, 2015

The construction of the new primary school for the children of Supinho Village is advancing rapidly. The school will have four classrooms, an administration area for the teachers, latrines and a well. Another project which will provide additional wells for the community, funded by the Italian development Corporation, has also been approved.

Construction of the school commenced in June and is progressing fast. The foundations and walls have been built and the new school will be ready by October/November.

Construction of the new water system has just begun and when ready, this will provide a greatly-improved water supply for the village. Powered by solar power, there will be 10 taps, which can be used to fill buckets simultaneously. This is a huge improvement on the current traditional wells which produce water that is far less clean and pure. Besides tasting better, the availability of an abundant of clean water will have significant health benefits for the community.

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