Jobs and Training

We at Zalala Beach Lodge are committed to providing jobs, both for men and women in local communities. During the construction phase, several hundred men and women were employed helping to dig up the land, transport bricks, sand and cement from the tractor to the site, do gardening work, working on the road, and in many other capacities. Zalala Beach Lodge has injected over $500,000 into the local economy over the 5-year period of construction, primarily for jobs and training.

Currently, the Lodge employs over 60 men and women on a permanent contractual basis and each month, between 20-30 people are employed as day labourers and seasonal workers. The large majority (89%) of all permanent staff are from Zambezia province and over two thirds have been recruited from within the local community.

Training opportunities

We are committed to employing local staff wherever possible. Since most local residents have had no previous experience in tourism (or, in most cases, any previous work experience of any kind), this means providing training to give people the skills required. Job applicants who showed eagerness to learn were selected and Zalala Beach Lodge provided training in all aspects of restaurant and hotel work to teach people the basics of the job. In addition to intensive training courses provided prior to opening, ongoing training is provided by Pedro, the Manager, who had previous experience of working with unskilled staff. After the first year, the Lodge organised further refresher training to refresh basic skills in restaurant and room service, as well as teaching staff some new skills, in meal preparation, as well as bar work and cocktail preparation.

All our restaurant staff underwent one month’s intensive training, covering all aspects of restaurant service.
Staff in the kitchen had an intensive course on a wide range of local and other specialities that are now included on the Lodge menu.
A young British volunteer is teaching English to the staff.
The guards’ training covered various self-defence techniques, including martial arts.

In August 2012, 5 local staff were trained as Kayak Instructors by an experienced trainer from Israel and we can now boast of being the only Lodge in the whole of Mozambique whose kayak instructors are all local community residents. The instruction provided by our kayak instructors was described by one group of guests as: “expert, friendly and attentive!”