Health Worker Project

Idugo Island is adjacent to Zalala Beach Lodge. Last year, your contributions helped us to fund the training of a second health worker to respond to the urgent health care needs of women, children and others on the island

The Community Health Worker Scheme

The training of community workers in preventive health care and health promotion through better nutritional, sanitation and hygiene practices is a key element of the government’s health strategy in Mozambique. The Government is working hand in hand with Save the Children, World Vision and other NGOs in the country to deliver this programme. In Idugo, an island with an estimated population of over 8,000, only one person – a man – had previously been trained. Yet, in our conversations with islanders, lack of maternity care for women and childhood illnesses are frequently highlighted as among the chief health concerns. Moreover, the recruitment of more female trainees is viewed as a priority by Save the Children. With this in mind, Zalala Beach Lodge was committed to securing a place for a female community member on the community health worker training scheme. In June 2014, following a period of intense lobbying, an agreement was reached to allow a woman from Idugo to participate in the community health training provided by Save the Children between July and November 2014 in Morrumbala District, Zambezia.

Fernanda Artur, mother of 4, came forward for training

The candidate unanimously selected to undergo the training is called Fernanda Artur. She is 34 years old, mother of 4 and has for many years played an active role in assisting women in labour to deliver their babies. Although apprehensive about leaving the island to attend the training for a four month period, she was motivated by the desire to contribute to the health and wellbeing of her fellow islanders. Since completing her training, Fernanda was equipped with a basic medical kit and a bicycle to enable her to get around the island to visit patients in their homes. Each month, she makes an average of over 100 home visits to patients, including pregnant mothers, infants and young children. She also gives open talks and information about a range of health issues, including malaria, infant health, nutrition and personal hygiene. As part of the government training scheme, she will receive regular supervision from the district health Ministry. Zalala Beach Lodge will be funding her ongoing supervision and the regular replenishing of basic primary health care supplies (medicines, thermometers, syringes, etc) over a 2-year period.

Help us to provide ongoing support for Fernanda and the people of Idugo

The funds previously raised have already been exhausted and we are asking for your support to help us keep up this good work. Your donations will be used to help pay her monthly stipend over the next two years. Any contribution you are able to make will be greatly appreciated. Please give generously!

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