As well as the attractive coast, Zambezia province is home to some of the most stunning mountain landscapes in Mozambique and has more hot springs than any other province. Many of these places can be visited and a range of day outings can be arranged. The Lodge can also provide guests with information about visits to more distant places, such as the National Parks and assist with travel arrangements to get there.

Nhafuba Hot Springs Eco-Retreat

The Nhafuba Hot Springs, situated close to the banks of a river running through the forest are renowned in the area for their special healing qualities and exceptional natural beauty. Just 2.5 hours drive from the Lodge, guests can swim in the river and go on a guided nature walk through the forest, which is a paradise for nature lovers and bird watching enthusiasts. Besides the many rare and endemic species of birds in the area, guests can see small mammals like monkeys, aardvarks and other small antelopes. Overnight stays can be arranged in the eco camp tents for guests who would like to experience the morning mist surrounding the springs at sunrise and explore the area further.

Mountains of Gurué

The Gurué mountains, a few hours drive from the Lodge are an ideal spot for hiking or simply walking outdoors and drinking in the beauty of the breathtaking panoramic views, the bounteous waterfalls and the magnificent landscape characterised by the lush green leaves of the tea plantations that adorn the mountains all around. Day trips are available or, if desired, the Lodge can help organise stays of several days in this splendid region.

Gorongosa National Park

South of Zalala, in Sofala province is the Gorongosa National Park, which has recently benefited from a major animal restocking initiative aimed at offsetting losses incurred during the protracted civil war following Mozambique’s independence (1977-1992). Buffalo, elephants, lions, hippos, wildebeest, eagles, flamingos and pelicans are among the many animals and birds that once again can be seen roaming the famous Gorongosa plains. Transfers by road (approximately 7 hours) can be arranged to and from Zalala Beach Lodge upon request.[/full_width]