Current projects

Here we provide details of some of the community projects currently supported by Zalala Beach Lodge

A new School for Supinho

The local primary school in the village of Supinho is in a dire state. The roofing is unstable and subject to being blown off completely leaving children sitting in classrooms with no roof over their heads. There are no seats and children sit on logs on the floor. Conditions are so poor that teachers themselves often fail to show up.

A majority of the staff of Zalala Beach Lodge are from Supinho village. As such, we felt a strong commitment to helping this community to get a decent primary school for their children’s education. In collaboration with Kulima, a national NGO working in different ways to promote community development in Mozambique, we submitted an application to the Japanese Humanitarian Assistance Programme for funding to build a new primary school in Supinho. In September 2014, we were informed that our application was successful and we were awarded a grant of $84,000 to build a new school!!
The school will have proper classrooms for the children and the teachers and the children will have tables and benches to sit on. The whole community – parents, children, teachers and community leaders are overjoyed and everyone is doing their bit to contribute. Community members have already helped to create access for the trucks transporting the building materials in order that construction can commence in April 2015. It is expected that the new school will be ready by the end of the year!

Training for Community Health Activist in Idugo

The training of community workers in preventive health care and health promotion through better nutritional, sanitation and hygiene practices is a key element of the government’s health strategy in Mozambique. The Government is working hand in hand with Save the Children, World Vision and other NGOs in the country to deliver this programme. In Idugo, an island with an estimated population of over 8,000, only one person – a man – has benefited from this training. Yet, in our conversations with islanders, lack of maternity care for women and childhood illnesses are frequently highlighted as among the chief health concerns. Moreover, the recruitment of more female trainees is viewed as a priority by Save the Children. With this in mind, Zalala Beach Lodge was committed to securing a place for a female community member on the community health worker training scheme.

Fernanda comes forward for training
In June 2014, following a period of intense lobbying, an agreement was reached to allow a woman from Idugo to participate in the community health training to be provided by Save the Children from July to November 2014 in Morrumbala District, Zambezia. Fernanda, aged 34 years old and mother of 4 put herself forward as candidate for the training. Fernanda has already proven her commitment to community health support through her voluntary work helping women in labour to deliver their babies and her candidacy was firmly backed by the island’s leadership authorities.

Idugo now has an additional fully-trained Community Health activist

The intensive 4-week training was completed at the end of 2014. The Minister of Health and other district and local officials attended the completion ceremony where all the training graduates received their Training Certificates and were given a bicycle, health training manual and medical kit for use in the exercise of their duties. The ceremony was televised as a mark of the Government’s recognition of the importance of this programme in the overall health strategy of Mozambique.

Join us in congratulating and wishing Fernanda well!

Fernanda is now fully ready and equipped for her new role in educating local people about how to prevent common illnesses through daily door-to- door visits to all households, in particular mothers and infants. This work, although hugely challenging, also offers enormous rewards. What could bring more joy than the sight of a mother giving birth to a healthy infant!

Thanks to all who responded generously to the Idugo Health Appeal

Your donations paid for the training materials, training manual and all of Fernanda’s travel, food and accommodation costs during the 4 week training in Morrumbala District. Donations were also used to cover the costs of supervision and support visits and to enable Fernanda to pay a visit to her children in Idugo two months into the training.

Your ongoing support is needed!

Save the Children and the Health Ministry of Mozambique have provided all trainees with a manual, bicycle and a basic health kit, which be regularly replenished. However, additional funds to provide Fernanda with a monthly stipend ($40) and cover the cost of monthly supervision and periodic refresher training provided at the District and Provincial level. Zalala Beach Lodge has committed itself to keep up with this support for a minimum period of 2 years. The total cost over 2 years is approximately $2,500.

Any contribution you are able to make, however small, will be greatly appreciated. Please give generously!

Donating is simple. Just click on the button below. If you do not have have a paypal account, you can pay using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Maestro). If you prefer another method of payment (eg bank to bank transfer), and for more information, contact

Capulana training for women

In January 2015, a group of 18 women from Supinho received training in sewing ‘capulana’ – a traditional cloth widely used by women for clothing and many other purposes. Capulana cloths comes in many different colours and patterns and finding a nice colour and design is a passion of practically every African woman! The training lasted 2-weeks and was carried out by an experienced trainer called Pelagia. Originally from Zimbabwe, Pelagia has done amazing work with women in the local communities within Gorongosa National Park in Sofala Province, south of Zalala, and we are delighted that she has been able to come and share her wonderful gift with the women from Supinho. This is the first stage of what we hope to be an ongoing process.

During the training, the ladies were taught how to make simple shoulder bags, place mats and various stuffed animals.

Exhibition and sale of goods
At the end of the training, the women laid out all the articles they made on display for the locals to come and see. In order to provide encouragement for the women to continue this activity and to help them buy more cloth and sewing materials needed, Zalala Beach Lodge paid each lady 1000 mtcs (equivalent to approximately $35) for the products they made. These will be displayed for sale at the Lodge shop.

Distribution of certificates
In all, 18 women completed the training and they each received a certificate at a celebratory ceremony where women sang and danced.

Helping to empower women economically – every penny counts!
This initiative has been funded by donations provided by generous individuals who have responded to earlier appeals. Additional support is needed in order to fund the follow-up training later this year. All donations, however large or small, are welcomed!
Donating is simple. Just click on the button below. If you do not have have a paypal account, you can pay using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Maestro). If you prefer another method of payment (eg bank to bank transfer), and for more information, contact

Establishment of community associations

Since mid-2012, Zalala Beach Lodge has been working with local groups and community leaders in the two local villages – Supinho and Idugo – to prepare them for the establishment of a formally registered Community Association in each of the two locations. Each Association elected a President, Treasurer, Secretary and other officials. Zalala’s community worker assisted with the bureaucratic procedures and paperwork. The members selected a location for the headquarters, and a meeting room was built with materials provided by the Lodge and labour provided by community members. Although still under construction, both headquarters were officially inaugurated in May 2013. Both associations have their own bank account, where members can deposit their savings, as well as the Community Fund that has been created by each association in order to respond to community needs as they see fit. Donations to these Community Funds can be channeled through us. Please contact if you wish to make a donation.